Faceting machine Fralap 6 Series


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A complete machine for the French cutting method (6 » or approx.15cm disc):

  • A speed controller, an on/off button and a go/return button.
  • Powered by a 24-volt, 180-watt electric motor.
  • A 1/2’’ (12,7 mm) drive shaft is secured by a stainless-steel bearing holder.  A knurled-nut, with a left-hand thread, holds the cutting disc in place.
  • An adjustable preforming pile.

A stainless-steel mechanical stick, with an octagonal base with divisions and subdivisions (17 or 33 notches) can accommodate sticks with a diameter of 8mm. 

A jamb peg (known as « envention » in French) with 40 holes, a horizontal cheater and a vertical cheater to go in between the preset angles, mounted on an adjustable height mast. Maximum height of 27cm.   

Three 8mm diameter aluminum sticks.