Who are we ?

FRALAP Taille de pierre gemmes

Fralap is a company dedicated to recreate and sell a traditional gem cutting machine.

Fralap is a company who creates and sells faceting machines, to carve, cut and polish precious and semi-precious stones. This faceting machine is used by gem cutter, whether professional or amateur. It uses traditional French-style cutting techniques originating in the Jura, with a diamond disc or a polishing wheel, a jamb peg and a mechanical stick. The objective is to perpetuate this centuries-know-how practice for professional artisans and the amateurs’ greatest pleasure, all for an affordable price.

made in France


Fralap builds and assembles gem cutting machines with most parts sourced from local French subcontractors. Machine design and development is undertaken at our office and the final assembly in our workshop.

Subcontractors in the Central region provide mechanical precision components and assembly of electronic modules.

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